Nevada Drug Card Testimonials

Ray was VERY Happy he kept a Nevada Drug Card/Coupon on his phone! Ray has insurance but when he was prescribed Flomax he found it was NOT covered by his carrier. He gave Walgreens the info on his phone and instead of paying the retail of $90.99/30 tablets he only paid $26.59/tablets. Ray saved $62.40 and is telling everyone about it!!

Las Vegas, NV

I wanted to say thank you to Nevada Drug Card. My friend presented the card at Walmart last night and saved 66% on his blood pressure medication, Amlodipine. The price went from $31 to $10! He was thrilled! Thank You!!!!!

Michelle M.
Reno, NV

My longtime friend experienced a near sudden situation this weekend because he has high blood pressure and had not been taking his medications, mainly because the medication is very costly and he does not have health insurance. I presented the Walmart pharmacist the two prescription with the Nevada Drug Card and asked for the cost using the card. To my surprise the cost to have both prescriptions filled with the Nevada Drug Card was $10.00, not the $180 it was originally. He got generics on both but it still was a huge savings.

David F.
Las Vegas, NV

In early 2011, my husband was temporarily unemployed and without health insurance. He needed to fill a 90-day prescription. I went to the Las Vegas Chamber web site, clicked on the Nevada Drug Card link and completed the information. We printed out the card, took it to the pharmacy and his $200 prescription only cost approximately $20.

Peggy C.
Las Vegas, NV

Yesterday, my wife picked up a prescription for our son at Walmart Pharmacy in south Reno. Using our drug card through my current health plan, the cost for a 30 day supply was $15.00; using the Nevada Drug Card, we were able to purchase a 60 day supply for $15.00!!!! This is a great benefit, not only for the savings, but using the Nevada Drug Card will not affect the rx utilization on my health plan. Thank you for this great program.

Ken L.
Reno, NV

Hello Suzanne, you came to our office a few months ago with Ken LaRovere and presented the Nevada Drug Card program. I have since placed ALL our cards! I tried the program out myself on a prescription and it saved me nearly half off which would have been less than a common brand name insurance Rx copay! Could you please send more cards to our office? Thank you

April S.
Minden, NV

Very simple. The best news...we found 100 pills for $171.69, compared to the 30 pills for $600. A generic was available through an international pharmacy. A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU!!! You made a difference for us. We will also use the Nevada Drug Card for Jon's other prescriptions. Thanks again!

Jon and Linda G.
Las Vegas, NV

I used the card at Target for a prescription that I was quoted for $65.00 for a 30 day supply. With the card - $15.00. And one SMILE! Thanks!

Mark N.
Las Vegas, NV

I have health insurance but recently was prescribed a blood pressure medication that was not covered by my insurance. My doctor did not want to switch me to one that was on my formulary because they didn't work as well for me so my cost was $123 per month. I'd heard of Nevada Drug Card and downloaded a card. By using a coupon provided by my physician AND Nevada Drug Card�� cost is now $58. I am a believer, it DOES help!